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SCPR Limited - Plain English training and editing for the public and private sector

Editing Services

Shirley's editing services will transform your documents into plain and simple English so that your customers can read and understand them.

Email a copy of the document to moc.kooltuo@eigenrac.yelrihs to find out how much it will cost to turn it into plain English. If you accept the estimate, Shirley will start work on it straight away.

The work is done electronically, so you can track the changes. Normally, it takes about five days to complete the editing, but Shirley is always willing to try to meet faster turnaround times if necessary.


A general rule is that it costs 25 pence a word for all editing work.

If you prefer, you can work out the cost for your job yourselves, because all charges are based on the exact number of words in a document.

Using the standard Microsoft Word Count facility, simply multiply the number of words in your document by £0.25 and you'll arrive at the amount Shirley would charge.

Did you know...?

The comma was invented in the third century BC by the Greek scholar and grammarian, Aristophanes of Byzantium.

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"Shirley’s extraordinary ability to understand the complex world of multi-physics, and then use that knowledge to transform our global communications, was recognised and appreciated by academics, motor manufacturers and internal software designers alike."

Dr David Staton
CEO of Motor Design Limited

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